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Thank you for visiting my website. I’m running for Aurora City Council at-large because I firmly believe I am the most qualified person for the job. I also listen well, and I would like to hear from you.

Aurora is at the cusp of becoming a world-class city. Since our inception, we have been seen as simply a suburb of Denver. With the Gaylord hotel and the new basing of Fortune 500 businesses, Aurora has come into its own as a proud and independent city. We have tremendous opportunities ahead of us, and I look forward to representing your interests as we grow responsibly.

Our growth has not been all good. We’ve created very complex issues in funding and taxation. The number one problem we face is that our tax model does not track with our population growth. The larger we become, the bigger difference we face in what we collect in taxes and what we need to support our citizens. There are ways to address this issue that do not include raising taxes. That is where my experience is most needed.

As we continue our transformation to a large city, our City Council needs members who understand how government works, how business works, the issues involved in managing complex organizations, how to manage large budgets, and most importantly, how to work with others on the council and each of you to achieve common goals.

As you review my web page, you will see that I have earned that experience. I ask for your vote to allow me to bring my knowhow and your needs to the Aurora City Council.


Dave fell in love with Colorado the day he arrived at the Air Force Academy. Twenty-seven years later, the Air Force assigned him back to Colorado as the senior commander responsible for base operations at Buckley Air Force Base. The base police and fire department worked for him, as well as the organizations that built and maintained the base’s buildings and streets. He also was responsible for personnel, telephone and computer operations, as well as logistics and base contracting. Dave was the city manager of the fastest growing base in the Air Force as it transitioned from the Air National Guard to became the 460th Space Wing.

Buckley AFB is where Dave first became involved with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. He believed it was important to understand the community around the newest Air Force Base so he attended and graduated from the Leadership Aurora program. The more he learned about Aurora, the more he and his family liked it, so at the end of his military career, he decided to remain here.

Following his retirement, he served as a senior executive for several Colorado Companies. He remained active with the Chamber, and they elected him to serve as their Chairman of the Board. In that role, Dave worked closely with the City as the voice of the business community as Aurora successfully strove to become business friendly.

Dave has remained active in the local community. He teaches a cybersecurity class for Colorado State University’s system engineering program. He also serves on the Aurora Citizen’s Advisory Budget Committee where he chairs the Strategic Planning subcommittee. Dave was elected as vice-president of the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District. His role in the Metropolitan District has taught him about Colorado law and the importance of managing water assets.

The Air Force has several tenets that describe how airmen should conduct themselves. All the tenets are important, but “Service Before Self” has always had a special meaning. Dave has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and two graduate degrees including a Master’s of Science in Systems Management. With his volunteer roles in working with the community and his experience in managing large and complex organizations, Dave is looking forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Aurora as Councilman at-large.


2016 - 2017 Vice President, Board of Directors, Eagle Bend Metropolitan District
2012 - 2017 Vice President, Aurora Chamber Foundation Charity Board
2015 - 2017 President, Creekside Home Owners Association
2014 - 2017 Chairman of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee - Aurora Citizens Advisory Budget Committee
2014 - 2017 Guest Lecturer - Colorado State University - Master of Science-System Engineering
2014 Awarded Aurora Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award
2013 - 2017 CEO Cloud World Wide LLC
2009 - 2015 Chairman of the Board and Board Member, Aurora Chamber of Commerce
2012 - 2013 Vice President, Engineering Cybertap Security
2010 - 2011 Vice President, Cyber Initiatives, Merlin International
2009 - 2011 Chairman, Aurora Defense Council
2006 - 2010 Vice President, Satellite Communications Division, Avaya Government Solutions
2005 - 2006 Senior Manager - Engineering, Raytheon
2005 Graduated - Aurora Chamber of Commerce "Leadership Aurora" Program
1980 - 2005 United States Air Force
1999 Awarded Master of Science, Strategic Studies, Air War College
1994 Graduated - US Army Command and General Staff College
1990 Awarded international Distinguished AFCEAN of the Year by the Armed Forces Communications Association
1988 Awarded Master of Science, Systems Management, University of Southern California
1980 Awarded Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, United States Air Force Academy
1977 Awarded Airborne Parachutist Wings, Fort Benning, Georgia

What I Believe


Public Safety

Protecting our families and our property and each of us is the most important function of government. Aurora's police force has proven themselves as heroes and our protectors in case after case. Our two-per-thousand manning standard has ensured our police officer force tracks our population growth. I am pleased that Aurora has commissioned an independent study to guide the city in how and where our officers will be used. This information will help guide the Council and the City in understanding how best to employ the police force. I spent my military career protecting the nation. Protecting you will remain my focus as a Council member.


Did you know that Aurora tax revenue does not automatically increase with the growth of the city? Aurora revenue comes from sales tax and fees on certain products like construction material and business expenses. The city also taxes hotel stays and rental car use. The city does not receive taxes from individual homes. The city also does not receive taxes from some of our largest employers including the University of Colorado Hospital, Children's Hospital and Buckley Air Force Base.

As the city grows, we have more roads to maintain, more services to provide, and more police protection to offer. Unfortunately, growth does not bring more revenue to Aurora.

The challenge the city faces is how to bring in revenue to support the growth of the city without increasing taxes on the citizens who live here. This disconnect is serious, and if you are not hearing it from others, they either don’t understand or they don’t want you to know.

I’ve served as the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee for the Aurora Citizens Advisory Budget Committee. I have been working with our team to develop innovative solutions to these problems. Of all of the candidates running at-large, I am the only one who has been involved in solving these problems. I have the experience needed to keep your taxes low.


Aurora took decisive action years ago following a severe draught to ensure the city will have water now and in the future. I have personally toured each of our mountain reservoirs on the western slope and the entrance of our pipeline that pumps water through the continental divide. I have also visited the site of the new wild horse reservoir. Our City's most impressive accomplishment has been the construction of the Binney Water Purification Facility and our pipeline to Brighton. I am pleased with the steps Aurora has taken.

As Vice-President of the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District and a major customer of Aurora Water, I have gained expertise in managing water issues.

My goal as Councilman will be to ensure our water continues to be properly managed. I am also concerned about tap fees and the amount homeowners must pay for water. Aurora must continue to properly manage our water resources while ensuring our water is affordable to homeowners, businesses, and other customers.

Buckley Air Force Base

Buckley Air Force Base provides nearly a billion dollars a year of economic impact to Aurora and surrounding communities. It is a major employer and provides thousands of high-paying, great benefit jobs. It is the home of the 460th Space Wing and many tenant organizations, which is why we are privileged to have so many military members living in our great city.

Our challenge is with our jets and the potential closing of Buckley. The F-16 fighter jets, flown by the Colorado Air National Guard, are nearing the end of their live-span. In a few years, the Air Force will dramatically reduce the number of F-16s in the inventory as it replaces the F-16 with the newer F-35 fighter.

Buckley AFB was not on the first list of bases that will receive the F-35. That puts Aurora in a precarious situation. The Department of Defense and Congress believe there are too many military installations. They are working now to determine how many bases will end up with the F-35 and how many bases will close.

Aurora must do everything in our power to keep Buckley AFB open. Being a previous base commander and a retired Colonel, I am uniquely qualified to deal with this potential threat.


This is an exciting time for Aurora. We are growing across the city. The massive Gaylord is nearing completion on our North side. Stanley Marketplace is making a huge positive impact near Stapleton. The Regatta Plaza is transforming our West, and we are having explosive residential grown to the South.

Growth brings many positive benefits, and it also creates challenges. Housing is becoming more expensive, and many of our neighbors are finding rents too high to afford. Growth can also cause blighted areas as older sections of the city are abandoned when companies move to the new areas. We also see an unbalanced growth as we build houses without building businesses for people to work. Finally, the growth impacts our transportation systems.

Ensuring that growth is managed well and with the interests of the people of Aurora in mind requires an understanding of complex systems and the needs of our citizens.

I have a Master’s Degree in System Management and I served as a city manager for Buckley Air Force Base where I dealt with similar issues. I also served as the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce where I helped businesses grow in Aurora. I am the only candidate with the experience and background to deal with these complex issues.


  • I have worked with Dave in his role as President of the Eagle Bend Metro District, as well as having served with him on the Citizen's Advisory Budget Committee. I am impressed with his ability to understand complex issues and his desire to partner towards a solution. He will be a great asset to our council.
    Francoise Bergan
    Council Member, Ward Six, City of Aurora
    Kevin Hougan
    Community Leader
  • I've had the privilege of serving with and knowing Dave (Colonel) Gruber since 2004. During our time together at Buckley AFB (Dave was the 460 Mission Support Group Commander and I was the 460 Space Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant), Colonel Gruber was highly respected by officers and enlisted alike. He always put the troops first and epitomized the Air Force Core Values of "Integrity First; Service Before Self; and Excellence In All We Do." Since we both retired, we have worked together on many issues supporting the military, veterans and their families. I have the highest regard for Dave and honored to be able to endorse him for Aurora City Council. There is no doubt in my mind that he will serve the citizens of Aurora with the same passion and commitment that I have witnessed consistently over the years!
    Rene J. Simard
    CMSgt (retired), United States Air Force
    Jeff Baker
    Commissioner, District 3, Arapahoe Board of County Commissioners
  • It is with great pleasure that I endorse Dave Gruber for the City Council, at large seat in Aurora. I have had the opportunity to work with Dave when I was a Congressional Staffer and he was on the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Aurora Defense Council. Dave, a retired Air Force Colonel, and former Buckley A.F Base Commander, has an incredible ability to analyze an opportunity or problem and work thru the best possible solution. Also, I have seen Dave in action on the Eagle Bend Metro District. In these positions, he has had to work with various agencies and build consensus to get things done. His steady hand is exactly what the Aurora City Council needs as the city progresses though its rapid growth period.
    Myron Spanier
    Aurora/Arapahoe County Resident (41 years)
    Kathleen Conti
    Commissioner, District 1, Arapahoe Board of County Commissioners
  • I am proud to say I have known Dave Gruber for years and think very highly of him. He is extremely ethical, intelligent, thorough and compassionate. I have encouraged Dave to run for office for years as he symbolizes what it means to be of the people, by the people and for the people and understands what it means to represent others. His career in the Air Force and after in industry has allowed him the represent others and he has always done so in a professional and courteous manner. I encourage everyone to vote for Dave Gruber..
    Linda Qualley
    Mike Garcia
    Former Fire Chief, City of Aurora
    Aurora Association of REALTORS


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